Exploring the Features and Benefits of Our Advanced Biometric Device


4-inch Touch Screen: The large touch screen enhances user interaction because it provides a clear and user-friendly interface for easy operation.

Capacity and Transactions

Face Capacity (1000), Card Capacity (1000), Transactions (150000): High capacities for face and card storage, along with substantial transaction memory, ensure the system can handle a significant number of users and records, beneficial because it caters to both small and large user groups.

Operation System

Linux Operation System: The use of a stable and secure Linux OS is beneficial because it offers reliability and robust performance in various operational conditions.

Standard Functions

Multiple Functions like ID Card, Camera, Access Levels: These standard features provide versatility in use because they allow customization to suit different security and operational needs.

Hardware Specifications

Dual Core CPU, RAM/ROM, Binocular Camera: Advanced hardware ensures quick processing and accurate biometric verification because it leverages modern technology for efficient performance.

Communication and Integration

TCP/IP, WiFi, RS485: Multiple communication options benefit users because they enhance the device’s ability to integrate with various systems and networks for seamless operation.

Access Control Interface

Integration with External Devices: The ability to connect with third-party devices is beneficial because it allows for expanded security and access control features.

Additional Features

Optional RFID Function, Fast Face Recognition, Biometrics Algorithms: These additional features provide enhanced security and convenience because they offer quick verification and greater flexibility in user authentication.

Environmental Adaptability

Working Humidity and Temperature, Dimensions: The device is designed to operate effectively in various environmental conditions because of its robust build and adaptable design.

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  • Visible Light Facial Recognition,
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack(laser, color and B/W photos),videos attack and 3D mask attack,
  • Supplement lighting with adjustable brightness,
  • Available card modules : 125kHz ID card (EM) RFID S50/S70 IC card (13.56MHz) 1k/4k

Features and Benefits of the Advanced Biometric Device


4-inch Touch Screen: This feature is beneficial because it offers a user-friendly interface for easier navigation and interaction, enhancing the overall user experience.


Face Capacity (1000), Card Capacity (1000), Transactions (150000): These capacities are important because they allow the system to handle a large user base and numerous transactions, making it suitable for busy environments.

Operating System

Linux Operating System: The use of Linux is beneficial because it provides a stable and secure platform, ensuring reliable device operation.

Standard Functions

Various Functions like ID Card, Access Levels, Camera: These functions are advantageous because they offer flexibility in security and attendance management, catering to a variety of needs.


Dual Core CPU, 512MB RAM/ROM, Binocular Camera: This powerful hardware setup is beneficial because it ensures fast processing and accurate biometric verification, enhancing security and efficiency.


TCP/IP, WiFi, RS485: These communication options are crucial because they allow for versatile connectivity and integration with various networks and systems.

Access Control Interface

Integration with 3rd-party Devices: This capability is beneficial because it enables the expansion of access control features, providing comprehensive security solutions.

Biometric Features

Fast Face Recognition, Biometrics Algorithms: These features are beneficial because they provide quick and reliable user verification, streamlining the authentication process.

Environmental Adaptability

Working Conditions, Dimensions: The device’s adaptability to various environmental conditions is beneficial because it ensures consistent performance in different settings.

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