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Attendance Management Software

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The eSSL K21 PRO system can also be configured to track attendance based on specific parameters, such as clocking in and out at specific locations, or to grant access to specific areas of a facility. Some additional features of the eSSL K21 PRO system include:

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Advanced reporting and data analysis
  • Web-based management and remote access
  • Integration with other systems such as payroll, HR, and access control
  • Support for multiple clock-in methods such as card, fingerprint, face recognition, and password
  • Ability to set different access levels for different employees
  • Ability to set different shift schedules for different employees
  • The ability to track and monitor employee attendance in real-time
  • An automatic overtime calculation and ability to generate alerts for attendance-related issues
  • Overall, the K21 PRO is a robust and versatile time and attendance system that can be configured to meet the specific needs of an organization.
Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

The eSSL K21 PRO is a time and attendance system that utilizes a combination of RFID and fingerprint technology. The system has the following technical specifications:

  • Fingerprint capacity of 800 individuals
  • Card capacity of 800 individuals
  • Storage capacity for up to 80,000 transactions
  • Supports push data
  • Equipped with a 500 DPI optical sensor for fingerprint identification
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of less than 0.0001% and False Rejection Rate (FRR) of less than 1%
  • Identification speed of less than 1 second
  • Algorithm version 10
  • LED indicator displays green for accepted and red for rejected access
  • Built-in mini speaker for schedule bell
  • Communication supported via RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, and USB
  • Standard features include self-service query, SSR recorder, automatic status switch, DST, and T9 input
  • Power supply of 5 V DC and 0.8 Amps
  • Operating temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and operating humidity range of 20% to 80%
  • Physical dimension of 185 x 138 x 45mm
  • Dual mode access control: can be configured to operate in either SSR mode or software mode
  • Compatible with ePush Service web, eTimeTracklite web application, and eTimeTracklite desktop
  • Applications include time and attendance management, canteen management, school attendance tracking, production management, and gym and club attendance management.

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An RFID + fingerprint time and attendance system is a device that uses a combination of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and fingerprint identification to track employee attendance. RFID technology uses radio waves to communicate between a reader and a tag or card to identify an individual, while fingerprint identification uses the unique patterns of an individual’s fingerprints to confirm their identity. This system allows for efficient and secure tracking of employee attendance, and can be integrated with payroll and other HR systems. Additional features of such systems can include support for multiple clock-in methods, different access levels for different employees, real-time tracking and monitoring, advanced reporting and data analysis, and integration with other systems such as access control.